Cast Away

The Selection in our fishing department matches the selection of fishing opportunities in New York State.

An Overview -  Fishing in our area, from the Catskills to the Hudson and beyond, has been a favorite past time for generations.  It is our goal to bring anglers of all ages the gear they need for whatever they target.  Our fishing department features some of the best brands in the fishing industry like Shimano, Penn, St. Croix, Daiwa, Rapala, Sage, and Simms.  Since fishing opportunities in the Hudson Valley are so diverse, our selection has to match the needs of many anglers.  We have fresh and saltwater spinning and conventional tackle and a fully stocked fly shop.  On top of that, we sell live bait, wind line on reels, repair rod tips, and have in store stream reports updated daily.

Spinning is winning at Thruway Sporting Goods!

By far, the most popular form of fishing is with the spinning rod and reel. This gear is incredibly versatile and can be easily mastered by all ages. We pride ourselves on our incredible selection of spinning rods and reels for all budgets and all fishing adventures. Whether you target Catskill River trout, bass in lakes and ponds, lakers in the reservoirs, or striped bass in the hudson, spinning tackle can handle it all.

Casting Gear For The Serious Bass Angler

Professional bass fishermen know that a casting rod and reel can make the difference when it comes to powering a largemouth out of the weeds or flipping a jig into tight cover. We feature the latest casting rods and reels from brands like Shimano, Daiwa, and Quantum that meet the demands of the serious bass fisherman. Bass anglers are always looking for the most productive baits and we have the best selection of soft plastics and hard baits in the Hudson Valley.

Saltwater Gear For Near And Far

Traveling anglers who head to the beach, jetty, or piers will find the right gear for an occasional outing or for a more hardcore approach. Casting plugs, saltwater rigs, and more help anglers catch bluefish, stripers, fluke, flounder, and other saltwater game fish up and down the Atlantic coast.

The striped bass run up the Hudson River is many local anglers dream season.  The run offers an opportunity to hook big striped bass from New York to Albany for a few short weeks in the spring.  In order to take advantage of this short but rewarding season, come to Thruway Sporting Goods early and often!  We stock all the gear you need whether you are surf fishing from shore or trolling in a boat.  We sell downriggers, appropriate tackle and lures, and heavy duty conventional and spinning rods and reels.  Plus, we sell live bloodworms and frozen herring in season.

The Fly Shop

No where else in the Hudson Valley can you find a more well stocked fly shop than at Thruway Sporting Goods.  We take fly angling very seriously and want to help the most seasoned angler as well as the beginner fly fisher.  While trout fishing is our number one priority, we encourage fly fishermen and women not to overlook the other opportunities that abound.  We stock everything the flyfisher needs for bass, steelhead, salmon, and all types of saltwater fish.  The fly shop features premium, Made in the USA rods and reels from Scott, Sage, Hatch and more.  Plus top quality Simms and Patagonia waders and accessories

Fly fishing doesn’t have to be expensive.  A common misperception is that fly fishing is too expensive of a hobby. Not true! While we do carry high end, premium products, our fly shop is always stocked with equipment for all budgets.  At Thruway Sporting Goods you can get an all inclusive fly rod and reel set up for less than $150!  Come on in and see how you can start a new hobby for less!

The other component to our fly shop that sets us apart is our selection of fly tying materials and tools.  We know what fly tyers need to make their most productive and innovative patterns and we stock it all. We are a proud dealer of Regal and other tying vices, synthetic and natural materials and tools from Dr. Slick and others.