Make Your Feet Happy

For over 60 years, Thruway Sporting Goods has been known as a trusted supplier of quality footwear for any outdoor endeavor. We pride ourselves on our diverse product line, excellent customer service, and great prices. Shoppers from Orange County, the Hudson Valley and beyond look to Thruway Sporting Goods first when it comes to keeping their feet happy.

Hit The Trail

Maybe you love to hike in the Shawangunk Mountains or you enjoy the view from the top of Mt. Beacon. Perhaps your feet carry you to the tops of the Catskills High Peaks or up to the rugged Adirondacks. Regardless of where you hike, you need a sturdy functional hiking boot or shoe on your feet. Our selection features top brands like Merrell, Keen, Vasque, Salomon, Oboz and Lowa.

Important Features Go Consider When Buying Hiking Boots:

  • Breathability vs. insulation- make sure that you look for breathable boots like the if you want to stay cool or if you are apt to exert yourself during a hike. Insulation is especially important in the winter months during hikes or snowshoe outings.
  • Mid vs low uppers- Casual walkers and light hikers usually prefer a lower cut shoe like. These shoes are great for lighter loads and shorter, quick hikes. Plus they can be worn as everyday shoes as well. Mid height uppers are the more traditional height for hikers. New technology provides optimal ankle support while cutting back on weight.
  • Waterproofing- Many modern hiking boots feature a waterproof membrane like Gore-Tex or other material. These membranes are installed as liners in the boots to offer maximum airflow, waterproofing, and durability.
  • Boots for long treks or heavy loads- you may want to consider an option like if you plan on overnight treks or you carry a heavy pack. This type of boot provides a harder outsole and heavier construction to withstand the pressures of long distance trekking.