Gamo Whisper Fusion 10X Gen-3I Air Rifle

GamoSKU: 793676090368

Caliber: .177
Sale price$299.99

*Only available to those 16 years of age or older.

*Thruway Sporting Goods reserves the right to request identification for purchase of this item.


Ten shots, zero reloads, endless possibilities. The GAMO Swarm Fusion .177 10X GEN3i is the second generation of our Swarm technology, featuring a horizontal magazine integration and open sights – making the Swarm Fusion 10X GEN3i .177 lighter, more compact and lower profile. The second generation 10X offers a smoother operation and improved accuracy. Simply break the barrel and fire for lightning-quick follow-up shots.

The Swarm Fusion 10X GEN3i .177 features the Whisper Fusion sound dampening, the quietest noise reduction technology patented by GAMO. The pellet goes through two different chambers, compressing and preventing noise expansion. The Inert Gas Technology (IGT) gas piston delivers steady and consistent power, increasing accuracy and durability with less vibration. This pellet rifle incorporates GAMO’s CAT (Custom Action Trigger), a two-stage adjustable trigger that provides a crisp, clean and smooth trigger pull for improved accuracy.

GAMO designed the Swarm Fusion with the Recoil Reducing Rail that maximizes the scope lifespan because of its 99.9 percent recoil compensation designed for high-power air rifles. The Swarm Fusion combines the latest state-of-the-art GAMO technologies in one air rifle, delivering an outstanding solution for pest control and hunting.

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