Mepps Comet Mino

MeppsSKU: 022141224671

Size: #0
Blade & Mino Color: Silver / Rainbow Trout
Sale price$6.49


The Comet Mino is one of Mepps most popular lures. It will catch just about any fish that swims. Bassmaster magazine named the Comet Mino one of the 10 best bass lures of all time. All Comet Minos are carefully airbrushed to ensure realism. Their erratic swimming action makes them appear to be a wounded bait fish.

Comet Minos come in sizes #00 through #5. A #00 is an Ultra Lite spinner. In fact, you can get the #5 Comet Mino with either a 3" or 4" Mino.

Comet Minos are perfect for casting or trolling. Gold blades are polished brass. Silver blades are genuine silver plated. Painted blades feature a proprietary blend of epoxy and acrylic finishes. All Mepps Comet Minos run at mid-depth.

  • #0 with 1-1/4" mino (1/9 oz.)
  • #1 with 1-8/8" mino (1/6 oz.)
  • #2 with 2-1/2" mino (1/4 oz.)
  • #3 with 2-1/2" mino (5/16 oz.)
  • #4 with 3" mino (7/16 oz.)
  • #5 with 3" mino (1/2 oz.)

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