Nosler HPBT Custom Competition 22Cal / 77Gr

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Blending the accuracy of Nosler Custom Competition bullet jackets with our own ultra-precise, lead-alloy cores, we’ve created one of the most accurate match rifle bullets on the market. The hollow point provides a small meplat for reduced drag and increased aerodynamic efficiency while the pronounced boat-tail design provides exceptional flight characteristics over a wide range of velocities. Engineered to exhibit unmatched accuracy, the custom quality jacket form-fits the lead-alloy core for maximum bullet stability and balance. Hand-inspected for quality assurance, Nosler Custom Competition bullets rival all others on the range.

NOTE: Requires a Minimum 1-8" Twist

Specifications :

  • Quantity : 100
  • BC G1 : 0.34
  • Overall Length (oal) (in.) :0.980
  • Sectional Density (sd.) : 0.219
  • Diameter : 0.224
  • Cannelure/band : No
  • Manufacturer SKU : 22421
  • Bullet Base : Boat Tail
  • Bullet Profile : Hollow Point
  • Bullet Type : Custom Competition
  • Bullet Weight : 77gr

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