Nosler Solid 375Cal / 260Gr

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Engineered to match the ballistic performance of the Nosler Partition, Nosler Solids will give you the bone crushing punch necessary when your life is on the line. The flat-nose design reduces deflection off of bone and muscle for deep penetration and an impressively straight wound channel while the seating groove produces optimal load versatility. Whether being used for initial shots on elephant or follow-up shots on Cape buffalo, the Solid bullet’s lead-free alloy construction delivers lethal penetration on thick skinned, heavy boned, dangerous game.

Specifications :

  • Quantity :  25
  • BC G1 : 0.254
  • Overall Length (oal) (in.) : 1.244
  • Sectional Density (sd.) : 0.264
  • Diameter : 0.375
  • Cannelure/band : No
  • Manufacturer SKU : 29755
  • Bullet Base : Flat
  • Bullet Profile : Flat Nose
  • Bullet Type : Solid
  • Bullet Weight : 260gr

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