Powerbelt .45 Cal / 285Gr

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PowerBelt ELR Bullets were specially designed for CVA’s PARAMOUNT rifle, but can provide superior long-range performance in any .45 caliber muzzleloader with a twist rate of 1:24 or faster. In testing with the PARAMOUNT, using the recommended “super-magnum” charge of 140 grains by-volume of Blackhorn propellant, ELR bullets achieved muzzle velocities in excess of 2200 fps.

Critical to the ELR’s velocity potential is that it is .45 caliber, rather than .50 caliber. Because of the smaller bore diameter, the ELR bullets can be longer than a  same-weight .50 caliber bullet would be. That length, when combined with the bullet’s aggressively tapered shape, delivers a ballistic coefficient of .452, which is superior to that of any .50 caliber muzzle loading projectile

  • Bullet Weight: 280Gr
  • Package Quantity: 15 Rounds
  • Bullet Caliber: .45 Cal

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