Federal Black Cloud TTS - 20GA - 3" - #3&9

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When birds fly high, tear them down from the sky. Black Cloud TSS carries on a lethal legacy, blending proven Flite stopper Steel pellets and 18 g/cc Tungsten Super Shot. With 56 percent higher density than lead and more than double the density of steel, TSS pellets maintain velocity farther, hit harder and penetrate deeper than any waterfowl payload ever has. The swarm of shot leaves no chance for escape with the Flite control Flex wad, which opens from the rear for a controlled release of the payload and the deadliest, most consistent patterns.

  • Caliber : 20GA
  • Shot Length : 3"
  • Shot Size : #3 & 9 
  • Packaging : 10 Rounds
  • SKU : PWBTSSX209 39

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