Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection 5.7x28mm / 40Gr

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Insist on more from your 5.7x28mm. Speer has broken new ground for the cartridge with the first 5.7x28mm round specifically designed for self-defense. Like all Gold Dot ammunition, the bullet is built using Speer’s exclusive Uni-Cor® method. The jacket is bonded to the core one atom at a time, virtually eliminating core-jacket separation and creating a projectile that’s accurate, tough and consistent through all common barriers. High-quality brass, reliable primers and specially formulated propellant produce optimal feeding and ballistics in 5.7x28mm firearms. 

  • Grain : 40gr
  • Bullet Type :  Gold Dot Hollow Point
  • Firearm : Centerfire
  • Muzzle Velocity : 1800
  • Packaging : 50 Rounds
  • SKU# : 25728GD

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